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Love Don't Live Here Anymore! Was it love?

Are you at the point where you are no longer interested in love or a relationship? I am here to encourage you to take your time but don't stay here. It's okay if you are on a break. My question would be why are you on break? If you are on break to become a better you then I will say do the work. If you are on break because you are angry with yourself and have not forgiven yourself I would also say taking a break would be good for you. What I wouldn't want for you is to give up on love forever. I could almost bet that what you experienced wasn't love at all. How or why would I say that? Because love doesn't hurt! Love doesn't cause you to shut down all possibilities of love ever occurring in your life again. Love doesn't lie or steal. Love doesn't break your heart and love doesn't belong in the same place as hate. Love doesn't cause you to cry all night, doubt yourself, or tear you down. I can go on but I believe you get it.


Your break is temporary, but you must do a few things to get back into a healthy place.

1. Forgive yourself and the person/s who have hurt you

2. Find out what love is so you can identify it. (i.e., kind, patient, forgiving, truthful, protects,trust,hopes,and selfless)

3. Work on becoming a better you. (i.e., feminine power, confident & loving)

Your break is temporary, Why? Because I believe once you do the work that real love will be there waiting.

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