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Serial Do Folder Colorizer

machine specific serial number formats vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. this problem is exacerbated by the fact that, in some cases, different printer manufacturers have created similar serial number formats and some printer manufacturers have created different serial number formats within the same product line. in other words, different printer manufacturers may use the same serial number format, even though it is not identical. this can make the job of examining serial numbers difficult. to complicate matters, some manufacturers have changed their serial number formats over time.

Serial Do Folder Colorizer

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this article looks at the format of some of the serial number formats used by different manufacturers. in order to understand the bit fields that can appear in a serial number, you first need to know what printer manufacturer the machine is from. if you are able to find that out, then you can perform the following steps:

4. find the bit pattern that matches the serial number. this can be done by printing out the serial number using the color printer and looking at the printout on the screen. you can then use a bitwise calculator to convert the bit pattern into a hexadecimal (i.e., base 16) value. the calculator must be set to bit number 0 as the "most significant" bit. you can find the calculator here: > serial do folder colorizer 5. for each bit in the serial number, find a bit pattern that corresponds to the manufacturer's bit pattern and print the bit pattern.

6. find the word "print_serial_number_unique_id" in the printer's rom and look for the serial number of the machine. you can do this by printing out the rom code page and looking for the word. sometimes the rom code page is not all that useful, so you may have to look in the printer's manual. the serial number is usually listed on the last page of the manual or on the label on the printer itself. some manufacturers also provide the serial number in an electronic format, such as a text file or a.txt file.


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