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Where To Buy Britrail Pass

We were planning to buy an 8-day consecutive Britrail England pass as it seems more cost-effective overall, plus a lot more flexible because we don't have to decide on booking train tickets in advance.

where to buy britrail pass

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We were wondering if anyone has had experiences buying Britrail passes online, and any reliable sites to recommend ? We were looking at and, but the prices difference seemed a bit far apart! in particular had cheaper britrail prices, so we were wondering if anyone else has had experience purchasing passes from them. Many thanks! :)

> adtrainz: Thank you SO much you for allaying my worries! I'm just a graduating student, so any avenue to save some cash is much appreciated :p I think I'll be taking your advice and buying my rail passes from :)

> perilizia & wirewiper: I know what you mean about the London Plus Pass, but the interesting thing is that I'm eligible for a Youth discount on rail passes, which somehow makes the England Pass cheaper than the London Plus Pass, despite it covering for many more areas than the time I wish I had to visit! I'm not too sure why such a loophole exists, but that's probably because the London Plus Pass has no youth prices while the England pass has. :)

Train in Britain is confusing indeed :/ I've been the better part of the few hours calculating the total costs of train rides to places we're planning to go (phew!), and it seems that a britrail pass would still be more cost-effective, albeit only slightly, taking into consideration the off peak day return prices.

The Britrail Pass is a rail pass allowing unlimited travel in Great Britain, including all trains on the National Rail network in England, Scotland and Wales. In addition to the Britrail passes valid in the whole of Great Britain there are also a number of regional passes which are valid for Scotland or England only. Britrail passes are available for everyone with a permanent residence outside of Great Britain.The different Britrail passes are offered as consecutive passes which can be used for train travel on every day of their validity and flexi passes which are valid for train travel on a certain number of days within their period of validity only.Britrail passes must be validated locally at a train station in Great Britain. When validating your pass, first and last day of validity and your id card number are filled in. Only doing so at a station you can use your pass.Seat reservations are free of charge when bought locally in Great Britain and are available for most long distance services. All day trains can be used without seat reservations, however it is recommended to reserve a seat at peak times. Compulsory reservation on the night trains from London to Scotland (Caledonian Sleeper).

Explore every corner of Britain in convenience and comfort with a BritRail pass tailor-made to your travel plans. Your BritRail Journey Begins Explore every corner of Britain in convenience and comfort with a BritRail pass tailor-made to your travel plans. Travel With Arriva Trains in Wales Explore every corner of Britain in convenience and comfort with a BritRail pass tailor-made to your travel plans. Get Acquainted With Big Ben Explore every corner of Britain in convenience and comfort with a BritRail pass tailor-made to your travel plans. Visit Edinburgh Castle in Scotland 1 2 3 4 Britain unlockedBritain is one of the world's most beloved travel destinations and with a BritRail pass it's also one of the easiest to explore. Offering travel throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, BritRail passes come in 6 versatile forms and are available to all non-UK residents, allowing you to design the rail itinerary which best suits your needs.

BritRail passes range from the popular BritRail London Plus Pass, which allows passengers to explore in and around the English capital, all the way to the equally popular BritRail Pass + Ireland, which provides rail access to all of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. Passengers are free to travel on any of Britain's extensive number of rail lines and certain bus routes and ferry services are included in the cost of the Pass. Off-peak, Youth, Family and Senior discounts are available and BritRail Pass holders can pre-book train seats up to 6 months in advance of departure.

Though it's centred on bustling London and its myriad tourist sites, the BritRail London Pass lets you visit numerous other towns and cities in and around England's sprawling southeast. Explore the capital before climbing aboard for high-speed trips to Bath, Oxford or Canterbury using what is one of BritRail's most popular rail passes. The BritRail London Pass is available only as a Flexible pass.

A popular option with travellers of all ages, the BritRail Pass can be used to travel throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Head north from London to the Scottish capital Edinburgh before doubling back to journey through Wales and exploring the sights of an ancient Celtic land. Available as both a Flexible and Continuous pass, the BritRail Pass is a cheap and convenient way to explore the British countryside.

Similar to its BritRail Pass counterpart, the BritRail Pass + Ireland affords the most network coverage of any BritRail pass and lets you travel in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Available only as a Flexible Pass, the BritRail Pass + Ireland the only BritRail Pass to offer travel in 5 different countries.

As its name suggests, the BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass offers travellers the chance to explore Scotland in its entirety. From resurgent Glasgow to the period splendour of Edinburgh and the melancholy solitude of the Highlands, the BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass is available as a Flexible pass and allows you travel all the way from Dumfries in the south all the way to Thurso in the far north.

I have done quite a bit of homework on this already, including speaking with both US travel experts and friends who live in the UK. It seems pre-pandemic, the BritRail Pass was the best option for unlimited train travel throughout England, Scotland and Wales AND the Eurail Pass did not include the UK. However, now the Eurail GLOBAL Pass appears to include the UK. It is also hundreds of dollars less expensive than the BritRail Pass for the 15 or 22 days we are considering purchasing. Is there any reason we would NOT choose the Eurail Global Pass over the BritRail Pass for our trip in March 2022? Our understanding is MOST of the trains we will be on do not require reservations, so we can't see any reason why we should choose BritRail over Eurail Global for this trip. Just wondering if we're missing something because SO MANY sites and people keep saying "UK is not included with Eurail" but it seems they must not know about the Global Eurail pass??? TIA for any true insight from folks who have done this homework or live in the area and are more familiar than we are. Appreciate the help.(Will attach screenshot showing comparison from one site where I compared the 22-day mobile passes for each - 1 adult, 1 youth)

Yes, I just did this. It came through Rail Europe. Make sure the agent understands clearly which pass you want. I wanted a Flexi-pass, but she ordered a Consecutive pass, which has to be used on consecutive days. I returned the passes ands is getting the correct passes for me. I think you can easily buy them online yourself and avoid the fee that AAA charges, if you prefer.

Travelers to Great Britain can get almost anywhere by train across England, Scotland, and Wales, and it's a comfortable, punctual mode of travel, especially for those who don't want to rent a car and drive on the unfamiliar left side of the road.

The best way to get around by train is to buy one of several BritRail passes that provide options for consecutive-day travel or based on the number of train trips the traveler wants to take in a specific time frame.

For example, the BritRail Pass has a flexible option that is valid for travel in all three countries for any two, three, four, or eight days of travel within one month, and a consecutive option where visitors can use the pass on set numbers of consecutive days in one month. Prices vary based on the type of pass and the number of trips selected.

Similar choices for flexible or consecutive-day travel are available on BritRail England, BritRail London Plus, and the Southwest Pass, and on three passes for Scotland, including Spirit of Scotland, Central Scotland, and the Scottish Highlands. The BritRail England pass, for instance, allows the holder to travel across all of England, while the London Plus provides travel to the southeast of England as well as on the London Overground Network.

Since BritRail passes are strictly for foreign tourists, they cannot be purchased in the U.K. Visitors must book their pass before leaving their home country, according to BritRail rules. The passes can be purchased up to six months in advance, allowing tourists plenty of time to pour over the BritRail route maps and plan their trips, and travelers can choose between standard and first-class passes, depending on how much they wish to spend.

With a BritRail England pass in hand, travelers are all set to leave Big Ben and Westminster Abbey for a few days to check out some popular destinations in the west of England. A trip to Bath is a good example of an easy getaway by rail.

A worthwhile add-on trip from Bath using the BritRail England pass is to Stratford-Upon-Avon, where William Shakespeare lived and is buried. The train journey is roughly three hours, and visitors can see the house where he was born and visit his grave in the Holy Trinity Church cemetery. Another local spot with ties to Shakespeare is Mary Arden's Farm. She was Shakespeare's mother, and the house is a working farm and opens for tours. Fans of the bard also can visit the city's Swan Theatre, where the Royal Shakespeare Company performs today. The city offers many lodging choices. 041b061a72


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