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What is Rational Acoustics Smaart 7.4 and Why You Need It for Audio Analysis

What is Rational Acoustics Smaart 7.4 and Why You Need It for Audio Analysis

If you are a professional audio engineer, sound system designer, or acoustic consultant, you probably have heard of Smaart, the industry-standard acoustic test and measurement software platform. Smaart stands for System Measurement Acoustic Analysis Real-time Tool, and it is a powerful tool for measuring and optimizing the performance of sound systems in any environment.

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Smaart is developed by Rational Acoustics, a company dedicated to providing education and support for sound system measurement and analysis. Rational Acoustics has recently released the latest major update of Smaart v.7, which is v.7.4. This update introduces significant feature additions and interface modifications that make Smaart even more user-friendly and versatile.

What's New in Smaart v.7.4?

One of the main highlights of Smaart v.7.4 is the overhaul of the Impulse Response Mode, which now includes comprehensive integration of the measurement and analysis capabilities from Smaart AcousticTools[^2^]. Smaart AcousticTools was a separate software product that offered advanced features for measuring room acoustics and speech intelligibility. Now, these features are fully incorporated into Smaart v.7.4, making it a one-stop solution for all your acoustic measurement needs.

Some of the new features in the Impulse Response Mode include:

  • T60/RT60, EDT, D/R: These are standard metrics for measuring the reverberation time and decay rate of a room or space.

  • Clarity (C10, C35, C50, C80): These are metrics for measuring how clear or intelligible speech or music sounds in a room or space.

  • TLow, TMid, Bass Ratio (TLow/TMid): These are metrics for measuring the low-frequency response and balance of a room or space.

  • %ALCons: This is a metric for measuring the percentage of listeners who would experience excessive sound level fluctuations in a room or space.

  • STI (measured indirectly from impulse response), STIPA and CIS: These are metrics for measuring the speech transmission index, which is a measure of how well speech can be understood in a room or space.

These features allow you to perform detailed acoustic analysis of any room or space, such as concert halls, auditoriums, classrooms, churches, etc., and optimize them for better sound quality and intelligibility.

Other Enhancements in Smaart v.7.4

Besides the Impulse Response Mode update, Smaart v.7.4 also offers an assortment of other usability enhancements that make it easier and faster to use. Some of these enhancements include:

  • Peak Holds: You can now set peak holds with either timed or infinite hold capability on any spectrum or transfer function measurement. This allows you to capture and compare peak values over time.

  • Locked Cursors: You can now snap current peaks with a hotkey or track the highest peak in a trace in real time with locked cursors. This allows you to quickly identify and analyze important frequency points.

  • Dual Spectrographs: You can now display two spectrograph plots simultaneously on the same screen. This allows you to compare different measurements or settings visually.

  • Multi-Device Transfer Function Measurements: You can now measure transfer functions using multiple input devices simultaneously. This allows you to measure multiple paths or locations at once.

  • User-Defined Views and Zooms: You can now create and save custom views and zooms for any measurement mode. This allows you to quickly access your preferred settings and layouts.

  • Enhanced Trace dB offset: You can now adjust the dB offset of any trace by typing in a value or using arrow keys. This allows you to fine-tune the relative level of different traces.

How to Get Smaart v.7.4?

If you are already a Smaart v.7 user, you can download and install Smaart v.7.4 for free from the Rational Acoustics website[^1^ 29c81ba772


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