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Get 2019 TCP Client Msk (1.0) Portable Version Laptop [PATCHED]

-SSL Cert Scanner - Added tests and checkbox display for supported SSL/TLS client protocols. If a supported protocol is not active, it can be temporarily activated for testing. SSLv2 and SSLv3 are no longer supported by Windows 10 2004 release. Earlier versions of Windows may support all versions of SSL/TLS. Unsupported protocols or disabled protocols are labeled with 'Skipped' in the results columns.-SSL Cert Scanner - Added ability to enter and save to the results database several entries of the same target with different ports. Useful if a target has an SSL web server running on more than one port.-SSL Cert Scanner - Corrected problem where key length, public key and version were being saved incorrectly to the database.-SSL Cert Scanner - Expanded 'Invalid Date' message to show the date and time even though they are out of range ie. greater than year 2045.-SSL Cert Scanner - Improved TLS 1.0/1.1/1.2 error messaging.-Packet Generator - The previous directory used when opening a script is now remembered between sessions.-Packet Generator - The command WINPCAP_INTERFACE_IPFOUR=a.b.c.d now works correctly.-Registration Window - More messages were added to remind users to use the Register Online at button if the built-in registration method does not work correctly.-ARP Scanner - Initial sort order by IPv4 address is now correct.-Updated SQLite to version 3.33.0-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.-Updated IP to Country database.

Get 2019 TCP Client Msk (1.0) Portable Version Laptop


-New 'Jitter' column and graph line added to the Graphical Traceroute tool.-DNS Tool - Batch Queries has new method for creating a list of targets, specifically IPv4 range generator.-Changes to DHCP Server Discovery should eliminate the error message about DHCP client port 68 being in use.-SSL Certificate Scanner has expanded error notes for TLS1, TLS1.1 and TLS1.2. TLS1.3 will not be supported until Microsoft SCHANNEL supports it.-Fixed minor problems with results chart used in Ping, Traceroute, ARP Ping and Ping Scanner. Now limited to 8192 data points.-Fixed a packet formatting problem with DNS queries where some DNS servers did not respond to UDP queries but would respond to TCP queries.-Minor internal changes to Graphical Ping.-Forced UDP DNS lookup in Whois.-Internal improvements to Ping and Traceroute in algorithm displaying the message showing detection of blocking firewall.-Added tooltips that were missing to SMB Scanner launch button.-Export from Target List Editor in Network Routing Visualizer and Port Scanner now automatically appends .txt if no file extension is added.-Changed left panel title from 'Program Info' to 'Application Info'.-Text notation of 'Program' have been changed to 'Application' or 'Software'.-'WinPcap Interface' notation has been changed to 'Network Interface'.-Changed dates to 2019.-Updated SQLite to version 3.27.1-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.-Updated IP to Country database.

-Changes to prevent crashing due to invalid text input.-SMB Scanner: significant changes to allow testing a list of login credentials against each target that responds with SMB, then on successful login it retrieves a list of shares and optionally displays them. These changes replace the share reporting functionality of the Network Shares - SMB tool.-SMB Scanner now properly exports CSV files with commas instead of semicolons.-Added new command line options '-syncclock' and '-syncclockexit'. If nstpro.exe is started with elevated privileges, it will synchronize the computer clock with the specified internet time server (NTP server). '-syncclock' will continue and display the main window normally while '-syncclockexit' will synchronize then exit.-Arp Scanner, Ping Scanner, Port Scanner results pie charts now have auto-scaled text for high resolution displays.-Changes to results font initialization so that on high resolution displays (like Microsoft Surface Pro or Dell XPS laptop) the font is correctly initialized and results text is readable.-Changes to embedded web page selections like Check for New Version so that the page is correctly vertically located with respect to the controls on high resolution displays.-IP/MAC Address Database: FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF MAC addresses are not recorded.-IP to Country: Paste IP now enables and disables normally.-Notation added to the Network Shares - SMB tool indicating it is deprecated and suggesting the use of SMB Scanner instead.-Fix for problem with installation on some operating systems. Occasionally a new install would say that the 15 uses were up immediately after installation.-Registration page has improvements in error reporting in case it was unable to contact our registration server. Failover from http to https no longer causes an error.-IPv6 Interfaces window now properly exports CSV files with commas instead of semicolons.-TimeSync: default timeout changed to 5 seconds.-Automatic Startup Update Check now properly checks for updates from our https server. Additional error reporting added in case of problems connecting.-SSL Certificate Scanner now properly exports CSV files with commas instead of semicolons.-Connection Monitor now displays data in the order of incoming timestamp ascending.-DNS Traffic Monitor results pie chart now has auto-scaled text for high resolution displays.-Updated SQLite to version 3.25.2-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.-Updated IP to Country database.

New:-Added menu and left toolbar font scaling in Preferences. This allows the fonts to be scaled larger on High-DPI devices like laptops with 3200x1800 displays.-Added IPv6 Address Syntax Validation Tool to both the IPv6 menu and DNS Tools Advanced.-Added links to the IPv6 menu directing users to the tools that can interact using IPv6.-Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool Launcher now has an additional button for launching the USB version of the software in addition to the installed version.-Wireshark Launcher now has an additional button for launching the portable version of Wireshark in addition to the installed version.-Packet Generator: source and destination MAC addresses can be changed in scripting. UDP manual send now has option to send current timestamp as payload in each packet. Fixes:-ARP Scanner, Duplicate IP Tool: now makes sure returning ARP packet is in range of what was sent. Local interface IP/MAC pairs must also be in that range. Other Changes:-Network Shares tool now recognizes Windows 8.1 devices.-Packet Generator, Ping, Traceroute, Port Scanner and OS Fingerprinting: Multicast IPv4 addresses can now be used as destinations using WinPcap send modes.-Updated SQLite to 3.8.6-Updated database files.


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