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As the Drinker, he mainly covers movies and television, and occasionally video games and comic books. He often focuses on the 'political correctness' of entertainment in recent products. They suffer from forced and poorly inserted political correctness, hamfisted messaging born out of "Trump Derangement Syndrome". According to him, the current mega media industry sees identity politics being valued over story and characters, excessive uses of virtue signaling, alongside unqualified and unlikable creators and actors. He also loathes the way beloved IPs of the past are retooled into being vehicles for present day woke agendas, such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek and Marvel. As a result, the stories themselves are often terribly written even on a fundamental level.

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But all is not well. Like a lot of you, I've noticed a change in recent years. Our entertainment industries have been under attack, our stories are being sanitized and twisted to serve political agendas, our heroes are being neutered and marginalized, as Hollywood studios try in vain to dance to the everchanging tune of social media activists and perpetually offended serial complainers. Old classics are being remade and repackaged by creatively bankrupt studios trying in vain to cash in on nostalgia and name recognition. Our childhood heroes are being wheeled out only to be humiliated and downtrodden to elevate the success of cheap, inferior copies. And this change has only been accelerated by a dying mainstream media, desperate for views and attention at any cost, to jump on any bandwagon it can find, to delay their inevitable collapse. 350c69d7ab


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