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[S3E17] 13 Candles

Newson actually got started at the age of five selling candles door-to-door with her dad, who is also an entrepreneur. She bought the wholesale candles for $1 and sold them for $10. At the time, many people bought her candles because they couldn't resist her cuteness. But as she grew older, the situation changed. She knew she could no longer rely on her cuteness if she wanted to create a successful & long-lasting business.

[S3E17] 13 Candles

From that point forward, everything changed. She improved her product packaging and began to enlist the help of partners. She continued to train more people, and her website really took off, producing more & more orders from her sales of candles, shirts, book bags, & school supplies. This got her a lot of media attention; she even appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show".

Newson has always been focused on helping others. The idea of training others to sell her candles is to teach other children how to make their own money. Her advice to others is to never give up, and don't be afraid to fail.

Kyle has a bad case of Jesus envy come Christmastime. Apparently, you can only spin so many dreidels, light so many candles, and eat so many kosher latkes before seeing an Xbox from a fat man in red waiting for you under a pine tree starts looking pretty good. -MM 041b061a72


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